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Lounge - small

Flooding destroyed belongings for family of 5 with a baby

Family including a 4 mths old baby were living in a rental property that was severely damaged by the floods in Victoria.
They are still living in the damaged home as they have not been able to access other rental accommodation despite applying for 9 houses so far. The flooring in the kitchen and lounge room has been ripped up meaning half of these rooms are unusable.
The flood destroyed most of the furniture in the kitchen and lounge room. They also lost lots of baby equipment in the floods. Luckily the kids bedrooms were not impacted so they have been able to sleep in beds.
The oldest daughter has autism and is struggling to manage with the damage to the home. Access to these essential items would allow the family to regain some normalcy and help get the family back on their feet.


Lara VIC 3212


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