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Domestic & Family Violence

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Big W voucher - $100

Mother of 5 children under 18 and 1 grandchild in need of food/welfare support, warm clothes for winter etc.

Woman is currently living in Housing with her 5 children (under the age of 18 years) and 1 grandchild. She is currently paying a significant amount of her Centrelink payment in rent and struggles financially to support her children with food/warm clothing for winter.

She has had to reach out to an ex-partner for financial support who has previously been very emotionally and mentally abusive since she has made contact. Our organisation are supporting her to access emergency relief support, rental subsidy support services and other services that will aid her ability to care for her children.

She has previously been a victim of DV but has cut ties with that abusive partner.


Park Ridge QLD 4125

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This request has already been filled.

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