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I am currently working with a sibling group that require laptops. The younger of the siblings also has ADHD along with ASD. He is a bright and bubbly 11 year old in Year 6 at school. He is dedicated to his studies and is involved in a number of extracurricular activities such as the debating team and school sports. He would benefit from the purchase of a laptop to complete his ongoing studies and get access to therapies at home via online means. This is important as he goes into High School next year and most of his peers have one and he feels left out of his social group.
His older sister is a 16 year old in year 10 at high school. She has Autism, depression and anxiety especially socially. She is a dedicated student and enjoys attending school, she has excelled in the leadership program and supports other students. She would benefit from a laptop to continue with her school studies.


Goulburn NSW 2580


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