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Supply of water

Family of 6 are in need of water, structural repairs, belongings and supplies damaged by fallen trees, during a severe storm

A family of 6 including 2 primary school aged children are in need of water, shed repairs and supplies, after several large trees fell in the June 2021 storms crushed caravans, vehicles, machinery, their home and a large shed that was their primary rain water catchment. The family were left without power for 6 weeks, euthanized a pet horse injured in the storm. The children continue to experience trauma associated with wet and windy weather conditions, often refusing to attend school when unfavorable weather is forecasted.
After the storm, the children attended online learning during Covid lockdown and the eldest daughter moved to live with her grandmother as her bedroom (caravan) was destroyed by a fallen tree. There are concerns for the children’s wellbeing, including a decline in personal hygiene and washing due to limited water supply. Both parents work low income positions and available funds were used to purchase generator fuel and remove storm debris.


Lilydale VIC 3140

Supply of water

Storm affected family of 6 currently in need of a water supply since their storm water tanks were destroyed in June 2021, and efforts to repair or replace have been unsuccessful to date. No mains supply. We are seeking a contribution for 6 loads of water at $150 each ($900) to be paid for and collected as the family needs.

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