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Electric recline chair

URGENT Elderly lady requiring financial support to purchase recliner chair - any financial support welcomed

DG is a 74 year old lady with debilitating osteporosis, osteoarthritis, degenerative arthritis in lumbar spine with spinal fusions and awaiting another spinal fusion surgery. She has newly developed lower limb swelling and is unable to elevate her legs when sitting in a standard chair. Her spinal surgery has been put on hold until her swelling in her legs goes down due to the risks of getting blood clots. She is in extreme discomfort and lives with her adult daughter who is her primary carer and who has health concerns of her own. Due to financial hardship they are unable to afford to purchase a recliner chair privately. A funding application has been completed however long waiting list until funding is available. The doctor has recommended recliner chair so DG can elevate her legs to reduce her leg swelling and to also manage her lower back pain. Any help much appreciated.


Sunbury VIC 3429


Someone else was even faster than you and this request has already been filled. See here how else you can help.

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