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Storms and Flooding

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Rural supplies voucher - $200

Flood impacted in May 2022, having been recently also impacted by drought, fires and two other flooding events

Elderly couple who live on a farm about an hour south of Laidley. Were impacted in the Black Summer Bushfires. This fire followed a period of serious drought that had already dwindled their savings. They lost fencing and equipment during the fires but were ineligible for any significant grants. The husband then suffered serious health issues that prolonged their recovery. The November 21, February 22 and now May 22 floods have all impacted their property. The husband ended up in Brisbane for health treatments with the elderly wife left on the farm and cut off from the community for several weeks, with little to no help to manage the farm during the floods and aftermath. A phone call to check in on them after the latest floods revealed they are doing it very tough. This farming couple rarely asks for help but have been continually hit by natural disaster after natural disaster. They face intense emotional and financial stress.


Laidley QLD 4341

Rural supplies voucher - $200

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Storms and Flooding


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