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Storms and Flooding

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Long term Homeless Participant recently housed, suffering from financial struggles due to COVID-19 stresses & mental illness

Homeless Participant of 10+ years who has recently been housed through the Together Home program, which has supported a fixed-term of rough sleeping on the streets, which has battled with flood conditions as of late. Participant has battled with long term mental illness (bi-polar disorder), drug addiction...through self medication (due to no awareness), PTSD (due to walking in on his sister murdered through fixed drug overdose, and life surrounded by the wrong company/friends. Participant has only recently developed the willpower and courage to slowly reach out for support and brake free of his traumatic-engaged shackles. Participant remains on Buvidal, which is a medicine used to treat dependence on opioid (narcotic) drugs. Participant has no current financial capacity to support the purchase of household necessities and remains disconnected from society/community. Participant has engaged with some services to assist with an NDIS application, for long-term supports and financial help.


Drop off Post/Courier Voucher


Parramatta NSW 2150

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