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Freezer - upright

Family relocated to live with family members in Carnarvon due to COVID-increased rents in Perth

Please note that this family is now located in CARNARVON, not ARMADALE.

There are 2 adults and 6 children in the family. 2 of the children have Type 1 diabetes that is very difficult to control and food is a huge part of managing this. The family currently do not have a freezer, and have advised that they have to buy food fresh all the time which is expensive and means that the children eat well on pay week, but are not eating so well on non-pay week as the family are unable to afford to buy fresh foods, especially in the current climate due to COVID. In working with them they have identified that if they had a freezer to store foods they would be able to be more consistent with the children’s diets, as they would be able to store bulk bought meats etc, which would in-turn be more positive for their diabetes management.


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South Carnarvon WA 6701

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