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16year old female, fled home due to FDV coercion & control from father. experience sexual violence from family member

16y old female, living in an over crowed caravan, bedding down in an annex with 6 siblings. fled home leaving behind all her personal possession, in order to release herself from the situation that she was in. Father uses FDV - coercion and control over all the family. She has experience sexual violence from the father. Father Has GPS on all devises of the young person. Hence her needing to leave behind. ipad,mobile and watch. clothes and personal items, (so not to raise the alarm that she was fleeing her family dwelling). all of which young person had paid for through working as a casual in coffee shop on weekends. . She was supported into the Women refuge for one week to keep her safe. Though this time she continued to go to school. and trying hard to keep a brave face. She is the oldest of 7 in the family. She has now stable accommodation at our independent program. She is wanting to complete year 12 next year then onto tafe to complete a hospitality course.


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Beachlands WA 6530

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