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Financial hardship & physical illness

Participant has struggled with ongoing homelessness for 20 years, currently trying to reintegrate back into society. Participant suffers with severe bouts of social anxiety, manic depression, alcohol and drug addiction (due to self medicating), to manage pain. Participant currently has a broken arm and is finding it difficult to complete day to day tasks. Participant has no social/friend group, as his closet friend was his mother (has passed away.) Participant presents with some form of muscle disease/deformity which is currently getting looked at, to support an NDIS application. Current physical issues make it difficult for Participant to rest on specific furniture (lower disc pain), and go for walks longer than *x amount of meters.* Participant has no capacity for Employment. Participant has endured difficult times throughout COVID-19, and has been unable to save up for an ergonomic recliner couch and OT/EP (physical rehab sessions), to assist with his weakened state of living.


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Penrith NSW 2750

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