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Victoria Flooding January 2024

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Plumbing services

The consumer house got flood affected, he lives by himself with his two cats.

He only received part A of re-establishment grant, as at the time he had his name on his ex-partner’s address neighbouring next door, due to renting it out in the past. He forgot to add his name back and that was the reason according to the consumer he didn't receive part 2. He received assistance with renovating half of the house and the other half he had to use his own savings. He had no house insurance.

The consumer lives quite isolated and has his close friend, his ex-partner that lives nearby and his two cats.

The consumer is in a need of a hot water system and has been struggling to find an electrician and plumber to install it. Met him last week on outreach and he was expressing that he is worried that he won't find a tradie as there is a lack of them in the area. He is not working; he is on a pension and is hoping to receive some assistance with time and skill to install the hot water system.


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Murchison VIC 3610

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Plumbing services

Unable to find a trades people, both electrician and plumber to install a hot water system. He would be very grateful for any help.

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