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Kmart voucher - $100

Single mother with 6 children with special needs. Been homeless since 2015. Family have just secured long term housing.

Single mother with 6 children, where 5 out of her 6 children have special needs. The family has been homeless since 2015. Since 2015 the family have lived in a tent, with family and in short term accommodation. The mother is an amazing advocate and despite her challenges with homelessness she continues to ensure her children remain engaged with the special needs school. As the children's school are not local the mother takes 2 trains and a bus everyday to get her children to school. This mother has shown great determination and dedication to ensure the best for her children. The accomodation she is living in now is covered in mould and when she moves to her long term housing she will require assistance with new household items. Due to homelessness she has had many challenges and has experienced several financial hardship.


Drop off Post/Courier Voucher


Altona North VIC 3025

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