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COVID-19 Relief Program

Give what's needed

Fuel voucher - $50

Soup Kitchen and outreach for people who are homeless or in need.

We help people in need in our community, feeding and providing anything that the homeless or people in their homes might need. At this present time we are specifically seeking gift cards for supermarkets or fuel vouchers. The hardships we see have worsened since Covid-19 with so many people really struggling with everyday expenses. We are very grateful for any help that may be offered. Many are feeling stressed. It can be a hard time for so many. We have so many families in need due to the rental crisis and prices going up for the essentials. Any help is greatly appreciated Many thanks for your consideration It only takes one small thing to put people in need ,like a dad who broke his hand at home ,of work now,so no wages coming in ,and it takes a while for centrelink to kick in.,Or the family with a child in hospital who have now got the added expense of extra petrol going up and down to hospital.Thank you so much for your consideration .The need is great .


Drop off Post/Courier Voucher


Mandurah WA 6210

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