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Digital Inclusion Queenslanders with a Disability

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Sim card

20-year-old woman with a disability - living in a DV household, seeking a phone so that she can feel safe

This woman is living in a domestically violent household. She is struggling to leave the unsafe space as she is young, experiencing financial hardship, and in need of a phone to connect with services. She is living with a psycho-social disability and it is essential for her to have a device to reach out to her support network.

She does not want to experience homelessness, however the unsafe space that she is living in is proving detrimental to her mental health ad wellbeing. A phone would allow her to feel safe and connected and know that she can reach out for help.


Drop off Post/Courier Voucher


Spring Hill QLD 4000

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Sim card

Better Life Mobile SIM Card preferred as it is more affordable for her financial situation


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