About Us

GIVIT Listed Ltd is a national not-for-profit connecting those who have with those who need, in a private and safe way.

We work to alleviate poverty in Australia by ensuring every community service provider has what it needs through the simple act of giving. The GIVIT platform is free to use and makes giving easy by allowing you to see exactly what is required by vulnerable community members.

We support all agencies, services and charities in Australia who work directly with impoverished, marginalised and vulnerable people. GIVIT Listed Ltd makes it easier for organisations to empower their clients and improve quality of life by obtaining the items they require through the website, at no cost. The unique virtual warehouse eliminates the need for organisations to store, sort and dispose of unwanted items, saving valuable time and resources.


Juliette and family


The story of GIVIT Listed Ltd begins with Founder and Director Juliette Wright OAM. Following the birth of Juliette’s second child in 2008, she was surprised at the struggle she endured trying to donate second-hand baby clothes to someone in need. Instead, local charities were desperately searching for essential items such as sanitary products for women who had fled domestic violence and steel-capped boots to enable unemployed fathers to secure work. Juliette quickly realised it wasn’t about overloading charities with items but instead recognising the specific needs they had to help pull their clients out of poverty. She also realised many charities had no way of communicating their exact needs. Juliette decided to create an online platform where every charity in Australia could obtain exactly what they needed through the simple act of giving.

Within six months, Juliette had set up the website and recruited 15 charities to request items. A donated bike enabled a single mother to get to work and a donated microwave heated meals for a man who had recently lost his wife and was unable to cook. Within a few weeks, more than 80 charities were requesting items and GIVIT Listed Ltd quickly turned into a national network, connecting thousands of Australians wanting to support hundreds of charities.

The online platform continued to grow and was integral to recovery during 2011 when Queensland was hit by devastating floods and an overwhelming number of people desperately needed essential items to help rebuild their lives. Then-Premier Anna Bligh turned to Juliette for help and GIVIT Listed Ltd became the state government’s official website for matching donors and recipients so charities weren’t swamped with excess goods. The GIVIT website received 1.8 million hits in 10 days and more than 33,500 goods were matched in three weeks. This led to the establishment of a dedicated GIVIT Disaster Recovery service.

In 2013, the Queensland Government entered into an official partnership with GIVIT Listed Ltd for the management of all donated goods and services, including corporate offers of assistance, during the recovery phase of natural disasters. We are now the only reliable source of exactly what is needed in disaster response and recovery.




GIVIT Listed Ltd operates with very low operational overheads and is a volunteer-based organisation. Our team members are committed advocates for our online platform and passionate about alleviating the effects of poverty in the community.

If you would like to join the GIVIT team, check here for opportunities.



Our Board of Directors

Juliette Wright

Juliette Wright OAM – Founder and Director of GIVIT Listed Ltd

Driven and inspired, Juliette is on a mission to alleviate the effects of poverty across Australia. Establishing an online platform in 2009 to connect those who have with those who need, Juliette is changing how society helps its most vulnerable.

As Founder and Director, Juliette created the GIVIT platform to ensure quality goods can easily get to where they are most needed by safely connecting and inspiring an online network of givers. In 2011 when Queensland was hit by devastating floods, GIVIT Listed Ltd became the state government’s official website for matching donations – with 1.8 million hits resulting in more than 33,500 goods matched over a three-week period.

Juliette’s vision, hard work and determination have resulted in hundreds of thousands of donations being distributed across Australia, earning her the title of Australia’s Local Hero 2015. Juliette also launched GIVIT Kids, a safe online platform enabling children to give new and preloved belongings.


Greg Goebel

Greg Goebel - GIVIT Board Chairman

Greg Goebel is an experienced Executive Director and CEO with extensive knowledge of the Not-for-Profit and Public Sector. He has chaired and serves on several Boards and specialises in providing an entrepreneurial approach to the development of strategy and service development. Greg was the Executive Director of the Australian Red Cross Queensland for 11 years, managing Queensland operations from 2000-2011 with 620+ staff, 4,800 volunteers, 2,800 members and annual service delivery budget in excess of $41m with service delivery across 120 locations throughout Queensland.

Greg is presently on many boards including Chair of Inclusive Brisbane Board, Urban Futures Brisbane Board, Australian Commonwealth Games Association Inc, Commonwealth Games Foundation and Archery Australia National Board.

Other positions include:

  • Executive Director (Special Projects) Department of Premier and Cabinet, Public Service Commission
  • Executive Director (Public Transport) Queensland Transport
  • Executive Director (Road Safety) Queensland Transport
  • Research Officer to Federal Member of Parliament
  • Policy Advisor to Queensland Deputy Premier and Treasurer
  • Private Secretary to Queensland Minister for Transport
  • Senior Executive Officer (Policy and Planning) in Queensland Transport


Ron Arnold - Group General Manager, IAG Ventures

Ron currently leads the Ventures function in IAG, which investigates, builds and invests in new technologies and businesses that could impact the IAG Group.

Before entering the insurance industry, Ron held several senior positions in the Commonwealth and State Governments including Assistant Commissioner with the Productivity Commission where he worked on a wide variety of industry reviews; and Assistant Secretary with the Queensland Treasury, focusing on the commercialisation of government businesses, asset sales and negotiation of mining rights.

After working for Government, Ron spent ten years at Suncorp in a number of senior positions in operations, corporate affairs, marketing, legal and strategic development within the AAMI business.

After leaving Suncorp, Ron worked for six years in the IAG Direct Insurance business. His most recent role before leading IAG Ventures was as Executive General Manager Marketing, Reputation and the CTP, in which he was responsible for the NRMA Insurance, SGIO and SGIC brands.

Ron holds a Bachelor of Economics, and has completed the INSEAD Advanced Management Program.


Jonathan Corby

Jonathan Corby - Partner, Clayton Utz

Jonathan Corby has more than two decades' experience as a strategic adviser to government, corporations and not-for-profit organisations, including joint venture and collaborative relationships, licensing and commercialisation advice and mergers and acquisitions negotiations.

He is special counsel for Clayton Utz's Corporate Advisory Group, and has assisted a diverse group of clients, including the Department of Defence, Suncorp, Former Origin Greats, and Woolworths.

Jonathan is admitted to the Supreme Court of Queensland and the High Court of Australia, he has extensive international experience in areas such as pharmaceutical patents, education and marketing, and is a mentor for Clayton Utz's junior lawyers.

Jonathan brings to the GIVIT board his analytical skills and strategic knowledge of intellectual property and not-for-profit risks and liabilities, as well as his valued advice and ability to see and articulate the 'big picture'.


Carita Martinez

Carita Martinez - General Counsel, Golding

Carita joined GIVIT in its infancy, and has the proud achievement of being GIVIT's first volunteer. A Solicitor (admitted to the jurisdictions of Queensland and England & Wales), Carita has over 17 years of experience in telecoms, ITC, transport, mining and civil construction sectors.

Currently, Carita is General Counsel at Golding Contractors and is also a member of Golding's executive leadership team. Golding is a civil and mining contractor with projects in Australia and the Pacific. Carita has previously engaged in both legal and commercial roles for TransLink in Brisbane, and commercial roles for ntl (now Virgin Media), Interoute and Level 3 Communications in UK, Europe & North America.


Stan Mogg - CPA

Stan is an experienced Director and CEO with over 30 years’ experience working in and with small and medium sized companies to grow strategically by organic and acquisitive means in Australia and overseas.

Stan is currently the CEO for a private company with interests in Australia, UK, Italy, Switzerland and USA. He also holds non-executive directorship roles in several private companies covering diverse interests which include electrical contracting, sports and recreation activities, investment and property management, self-storage, oil and gas. In addition, he is a non-executive director of a Philanthropic Foundation.

He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, a CPA, and a JP (Commissioner for Declarations).