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About us

We know you have a big heart. And we are all about inspiring and helping donors to give… the smart way. GIVIT is a not-for-profit organisation making a huge, positive difference in Australia.

Did you know that one simple item, which you probably have in the spare room at home, has the power to change someone else’s life? Imagine that school uniform your child just grew out of – that could stop another child from being bullied at school. Or that pram your friend said they don’t need anymore… hey, we need it! Not all parents can afford beautiful items like prams. Or even nappies, baby wipes, food and fuel.

Got a spare $20? That money is precious to us, and we will help you make the greatest impact with it. Let us show you how giving through GIVIT really is the smart way to give.


How does it actually work?

Pretty simple really. Trusted support organisations around Australia tell us what the people they’re helping need right now. They list those needs on our website here. You, our wonderful donor, can then offer a donation or give money to help us buy locally.

When you give money to a GIVIT appeal 100% of the money we receive goes to purchasing items that are needed – pretty awesome right?! 

We reckon it works pretty well. Through GIVIT, thousands of quality items are donated each week to help people in need. We support entire communities as they rebuild after devastating disasters, provide hope and assistance to families battling drought and recovering from bushfires, help people experiencing, escaping, and being impacted by domestic and family violence, and proudly work to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We’re also reducing landfill by diverting tonnes of reusable items to help individuals and communities. And we continually ensure our donations do no harm to communities, especially in times of disaster.

But what we’re really doing here, what we’re passionate about, is inspiring a culture of giving. 

We know Australians are incredibly generous.

We know you have a big heart. GIVIT is the smart way to show how big.

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