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GIVIT Together

When we GIVIT Together, we have incredible impact

Listed below are large requests and big projects which trusted organisations registered with GIVIT need your help to fill. These aren't your everyday requests... they're supersized! 

Join forces with your club, sports team, work colleagues, school, group of mates, family, club or community group to raise funds, offer a service, and collect donations. When we GIVIT Together, we help get life-changing items to the people who need them most.


Back to school items for refugee and asylum seeker children

This organisation in Melbourne's west works with refugee and asylum seeker families. They need your donations of school bags, drink bottles and lunch boxes to help the kids they support as they head back to school.

Give Water Initiative

Rural residents in fire-affected areas of Victoria are STILL living on burnt-out blocks without access to clean water for drinking, showering and washing. They spent all winter without access to hot water, but now your generous donation can get them connected.

Shoes for Dignity

Can you imagine squeezing into a pair of too-small shoes, or wearing boots with holes because you can't afford a new pair? After an extra-tough year, this is the reality for many vulnerable Victorians. Your generous donation of either money or a new pair of shoes will be a much-needed boost to Victorians doing it tough.

Fund a Voucher

‘Fund a Voucher’ supports communities across Victoria with vouchers to purchase essential items like food and petrol. Giving someone a voucher makes them feel valued, and empowers them to purchase exactly what they require, when they are ready.

Accommodate a Mate

2020 was a year full of challenges and change, and many people are finding themselves having to start fresh. We're working with a number of Victorian organisations supporting mental health patients, foster children and people escaping domestic and family violence. Your generous donation will give the gift of a fresh new start

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