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Fund a Voucher


Every day, trusted support organisations across Victoria tell us exactly what's needed to get their clients through times of hardship.

Donating money to purchase vouchers means GIVIT can support communities in need while allowing them to buy locally, keeping small businesses ticking over and injecting much-needed funds into local economies.

Please donate today and give someone the opportunity to recover in their own time, giving them a little help to get back on their feet.

See exactly what's needed

See which vouchers are needed across Victoria right now, and use the 'fund' button to donate towards the purchase of the exact request you'd like to donate to.

Donate money to purchase vouchers

100% of your donation received by GIVIT will be used to purchase vouchers for things like groceries and fuel for Victorians in need. To donate, simply click the link, then write 'Fund a Voucher VIC' in the comments section of your donation.

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