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Volunteer with GIVIT to meet like-minded people, have fun and pat dogs

Come and volunteer with our team!


GIVIT (and Ollie) is on the hunt for passionate, outgoing people looking to volunteer for 8-15 hours per week

Do you like to engage people to support a worthy cause? Want to help people in need due to drought, bushfires and cyclones, people impacted by domestic and family violence, vulnerable First Nations Australians and people experiencing homelessness?

The purpose of these roles are to raise awareness of GIVIT across Australia with both community organisations and donors, encourage registration of new eligible organisations to the GIVIT service, re-engage dormant organisations and provide training and development for organisation team members to increase uptake of the GIVIT platform.

Across several different roles, our volunteers are vital to the ongoing success of GIVIT. You'll love working with our team, and we're flexible in terms of commitment. Volunteering your time not only helps us, but you'll also expand your skills and experience, meet new people, and learn about amazing organisations around Australia and the priceless work they do. It feels good to give, and you'll be making a big difference in the lives of Australians in need.

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Volunteer time with GIVIT to help vulnerable Aussies

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