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FAR NORTH QLD FLOODING UPDATE: If you've been impacted by recent flooding and require support, please refer to the Queensland Government's disaster recovery support page, or search for a local registered support organisation below, that may be able to help.

How to get help through GIVIT

To access donated support through GIVIT, please connect with a support organisation registered with GIVIT that can assess your needs. To find relevant organisations in your area, simply use the search fields below.

Support organisations working with GIVIT that require anonymity will not be listed here.

Emergency assistance

If you are in immediate danger and require urgent assistance, dial 000.

If you have been impacted by flooding and you are seeking disaster payments, grants and financial assistance, please visit the pages below:

Organisations & charities

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Balga Primary School

Balga Primary School is a small primary school with a low SEI, many of our students come from backgrounds of poverty and drug abuse.

Balga WA 6061


Ballarat Mens Mental Health

BMMH focuses on early mental health intervention. We aim to provide a face-to-face service, delivered in a male/user friendly environment designed to minimise barriers to men seeking help.
BMMH provides a fully-integrated service where, following assessment by trained health professionals, men can be guided step-by-step through ‘the system’ and referred as necessary to other support services.
Our strong network of partners will ensure that our clients receive the help and support they need quickly and effectively, providing a seamless pathway towards improved mental health.

Various locations around Australia

T 0493247340



Ballina Coast High School

Education of high school students

Balunu Foundation Ltd

The Balunu Foundation is a not for profit, charitable organisation focused on the healing of Indigenous youth and people and is based in Darwin, Northern Territory. In particular, Balunu seeks to instil a cultural identity among Indigenous youth at risk through a culturally appropriate healing program which builds self belief and self esteem whilst assisting Indigenous youth to overcome the wide range of challenges they face as young Indigenous people in today’s society.

Coconut Grove NT 0810


Band of Brothers

We believe that every man should live the life they are meant to live. A life with purpose and direction. A life bigger than themselves. We reckon that families, workplaces and society thrive when men live in their purpose.

Band of Brothers weekly meetings are run by socially integrated and established men and is set up to provide other men in the Canberra Community with support who are experiencing mental illness, poverty, isolation, family breakdowns or who are reintegrating back into society after serving jail sentences. Men 16 years and above are welcome.

Belconnen ACT 2616



Band Of Brothers QLD Inc

We work with homeless people and people in need of help. At present we are about to launch our pilot tiny homes project to provide crisis accommodation and work with them to ensure their integration back into the community.
We aim to be the ones who go and find the people in need and working with other community organisations to support people in the best way possible.
We also provide "Hope Bags" in our initial contact with a variety of non-perishable items such as toiletries.

Various locations around Australia

T 0721055959



Banksia Gardens Community Services

Banksia Gardens Community Services is a vibrant neighbourhood house and community service organisation located in the heart of Broadmeadows. With a strong commitment to community development and action research principles, our programs focus mainly on early childhood, education and training, gender equity, young people, environmental sustainability and community participation and advocacy.

Banksia Grove Primary School

Primary school

Banksia Grove WA 6031


Bankstown Anglican Church

In addition to our christian gatherings, we have sought to provide services and programs to meet community needs. These have included English classes, a low cost food program, activities to address isolation and increase social inclusion, and a playgroup targeting the needs of migrants and refugee children.

Bankstown NSW 2200


Bankstown Community Resource Group Inc.

Bankstown Community Resource Group Inc. (BCRG) is a non-profit, community managed and focused organisation, which responds compassionately to address the identified needs of children, families and disadvantaged people without discrimination.

Bankstown NSW 2200

T 02 9796 2931



Bankstown Womens Health Centre

Bankstown Womens Health Centre (BWHC) are an independent, NGO, not for profit organisation run by Women for Women and their families. BWHC provide free health and wellbeing services, in a women's only safe space, and is one of 21 health centers in NSW, 6 being in Sydney. BWHC provide health and wellbeing services for women and their children who live in the Canterbury Bankstown local government area. BWHC provide trauma informed specialised services for women who may have experienced domestic family violence, assault, and other barriers and challenges in their life. As well as Counsellors, social workers, Dietician, legal services, women's health Doctor, BWHC also provide a weekly food share program, and other small groups and activities for Women and their children.


We are a member of Community Information and Support Victoria (CISVic), a network of agencies dedicated to supporting the local community through the provision of services that meet the short term needs of people, producing long term results.
BANSIC provides individuals and families with services such as Emergency Relief and Material Aid, Tax Help and with Utility debt assistance, advocacy, counselling, and support and information services. BANSIC clients live in the southern part of the City of Banyule, and experience substantial disadvantage and vulnerabilities. BANSIC also provides a referral service whereby clients can be referred to the most appropriate agency to assist with specific needs such as homelessness, mental health or drug and alcohol addiction.

Heidelberg West VIC 3081



Banyule Community Health Service

Banyule CHS provides the local community with mental and physical health supports including GP's, counselors, allied health workers and mental health support workers, legal assistance, dental, social workers, and is a one-stop shop in the community. There are 2 sites, West Heidelberg and Greensborough to service the Banyule catchment.

Heidelberg West VIC 3081

T 039450 2000



Baptist Care - Tara's Angels

Tara’s Angels provides support to women in the ACT who have experienced domestic and family violence with up to two years of post-crisis support, helping women to connect with local agencies and services, and rebuild their life. Our Tara’s Angels case workers walk with women, mentoring and empowering them with practical and reliable support after experiencing domestic violence. Angels are tertiary qualified social workers with experience in social work and help women to explore options that best support their needs. In 2016 we partnered with the Tara Costigan Foundation (TCF) to deliver this unique service to women in the ACT. Today, BaptistCare HopeStreet continues Tara’s legacy through Tara’s Angels, bringing hope and practical support to women who have experienced fear and violence.

Baptist Care SA

Baptist Care SA is church based organisation we support client in homelessness, disability and NDIS, youth work, children and family, Aboriginal services.

Our Wardli-ana team works with Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander people who are experiencing
or at risk of homelessness and seeking a service that
connects them with culture, community and is led by
Aboriginal voice.

Adelaide SA 5000


BaptistCare NSW & ACT

We currently support thousands of people across NSW/ACT through more than 160 facilities and programs. We believe that each person is unique, loved by God, worthy of respect, dignity and inclusion.

Baulkham Hills NSW 2153


Baradine Central School

K-12 public school

Baradine NSW 2396


Barcaldine Prep-12 State School

We are a Prep-12 state School in a small community

Barcoo Shire Council

The Barcoo Shire Council administers local government within the shire in accordance with the Local Government Act 2009. The Council provides public municipal and rural services, is responsible for local planning and policy, fosters regional social and economic development and maintains a significant road construction and maintenance business.

Barnardos - Cobar

Our Family Support programs provide information, support and practical assistance with child rearing, childcare, solving problems, and living with a disability. All programs are aimed at improving the quality of life for children and their families.

Cobar NSW 2835


Barnardos - Family Referral Service

The Family Referral Service brings together families, support services and community resources to provide the right support to families with the aim of improving their circumstances. We are located in the Illawarra, Shoalhaven and Wingacaribee.

Nowra NSW 2541


Barnardos - South Coast

We work together with children and families through our effective evidence-informed and research-based programs to break the cycle of disadvantage, creating safe, nurturing and stable homes, connected to family and community.

Warrawong NSW 2502


Barnardos - Southern NSW/ACT

Children's charity with family support programs.

Barnardos - Warren

Barnardos Australia's aim is to support children and
young people:
• Be happy and safe
• Feel listened to
• Feel accepted and valued
• Feel culturally respected and safe
• Have access to quality education and
health care
Barnardos will help children and young people do
their best. We will:
• Provide a safe environment
• Treat them respectfully
• Support them to achieve their goals
• Support contact with their birth family

Barnardos ACT

Barnardos Australia's Canberra Centre offers family support, out-of-home care and supported accommodation services for disadvantaged children, adolescents and their families in the ACT.

Programs and services offered in the Centre reflect the problems of Canberra, with a population of young families and increasing population group of adolescents. As the Canberra population has a broad cross section of people, Barnardos’ programs aim to target the most financially and socially disadvantaged.

The Canberra Centre has been operating for more than 40 years, during which time there have been many changes in program development. Most significantly has been the closure of residential units in favour of highly supported community based placements with carers and increased family support.

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