Quality Items

We believe all people have a right to good quality items. Even the simplest items can have a significant impact on a family or individual's standard of living.

We request new, or quality used products for people in need - things that you would like to receive yourself!

Sometimes we think that people in need should take what they are offered, but charities tell us that their clients deserve items in good working order. We agree, and this is why the GIVIT platform was started!

Please see our Prohibited Items list here.

Please note - for health and safety reasons charities insist on the following:

  1. Children's items ( prams, cots, walkers) must conform with current Australian Safety Standards, with no damage.
  2. Charities cannot distribute broken items. They are working with increased case loads and reduced funding. They do not receive grants to repair donated goods.
  3. Charities will often dispose of clothes that are old, worn or stained, rather than give them to clients.
  4. Charities cannot give out-of-date stock to clients, i.e coffee, baby food.
  5. Bedding and mattresses with stains or tears are never accepted by charities due to Work, Health and Safety laws.

Quality donations give dignity to all members of our community.

How do you know if it's good quality?

"If you would give it to your mother, your sister or friend - it's good to give!!" (Juliette Wright - Founder).

Let's start a giving revolution of QUALITY items. Everyone deserves the best!