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GIVIT provides physical women's shelter donations to Perth charity

People Who Care (formally Starting Over) helps Western Australians experiencing homelessness because of domestic violence or other reasons.

The people of Perth have played an essential part in helping families power a path forward after escaping domestic and family violence. The need is high for furniture to help families make a new house feel like home.

GIVIT’s online warehouse is where donated items find a home with a not-for-profit, like People Who Care. People Who Care has changed the lives of 550 families in the last 3 years. With the help donated through GIVIT by generous community members, they have furnished countless family homes.

Hear from 'People Who Care' about the impact of GIVIT's domestic violence donations

How to help people impacted by domestic violence

People experiencing domestic and family violence are often in complex situations. The assistance they require is unique to a person's situation. Women or men fleeing domestic violence leave in a hurry. These people often can't take personal possessions or essentials like money for fuel, food, and clothes.

This is where organisations like People Who Care assist in providing support. For people starting fresh, they essentially need an entire home. The list includes furniture, white goods and appliances, clothes, household essential items, toiletries, toys, digital devices and more.

What are the three ways to help domestic violence charities in Australia?

  1. By donating money via GIVIT's Domestic and Family Violence Appeal. 100% of publicly donated money received by us goes to purchasing requested items from charities and orgs on the ground. These groups work directly with people escaping DVF.
  2. Choose requests you’d like to fund requested from charities on the ground
  3. Donate pre-loved, quality items by clicking the ‘GIVIT’ button

Screenshot of the GIVIT website with domestic violence requests totaling 19,030

A common FAQ – can you donate clothes or furniture to a women's shelter?

The quick answer is that women's shelters need clothes and furniture for people and kids they support. Donate via GIVIT to ensure your clothes or furniture donation goes directly to someone impacted and it's exactly what's needed.

You can donate your clothes or furniture by responding to a request on our domestic violence what's needed list. Or you can place them in our online warehouse for any charity to claim. Either way, the organisation can reserve the items with all the relevant details for the person they support.

This is one of the reasons women's shelters and other domestic violence services love GIVIT donations.

"I managed to drop the...items off on the weekend ( lounge, mattress and dining room set). [The recipient] was very appreciative. The furniture fitted in perfectly. [What a] great service GIVIT is!"


You can see what items are needed for people impacted by domestic violence and click the GIVIT button if you're able to offer that item. GIVIT does not assist with the transport or storage of your donated items.

If you want to donate a specific item and can't find a request to match, you can offer them for donation via our online warehouse. Charities registered with GIVIT can view and claim your item. If your item is claimed, the organisation will contact you about delivery.

Please note that in some cases the items offered may not be needed by charities at this time.

Why is it important to rehome items?

When you donate pre-loved furniture to domestic violence victims or any person in need, you conserve natural resources such as wood, metal, and textiles. You also reduce the need for new materials to be extracted from the environment.

Furniture disposal in landfill can take up valuable space and emit harmful greenhouse gases as it decomposes. Recycling items helps to divert items from landfills, reducing the environmental impact of waste disposal.

You can contribute to the circular economy, preserving materials and maximising the lifecycle of items by donating through GIVIT.

Reminder - give something that you’d be happy to give to somebody close to you.


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