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Hanes donations bring new hope to the vulnerable in Hobart!


When Hobart City Mission recently put out an urgent request for everyday clothing items for people sleeping rough in Southern Tasmania, generous donors including Hanes came to the party and donated hundreds of Bonds bras, pairs of socks and underwear for these homeless communities.


Hobart City Mission also run a live-in parenting and life skills program for young Mums under 25 years. Founded in response to a desperate need in Southern Tasmania for supported accommodation, this program is targeted towards young Mums at risk of homelessness or having their infants removed due to lack of appropriate accommodation and support.

When the mums arrive at the live-in parenting and life skills program with their babies, they require many basic items such as books, stationery, toiletries, sunscreen, towel sets and bedding. GIVIT donors, including Hanes, have provided an array a wonderful donations to support these young mums. 

The generosity we have seen from the GIVIT community has been truly heart-warming and our clients have now been able to benefit from things like essential hygiene items, clothing, puzzles, arts and crafts, right through to food vouchers and emotional wellbeing literature.

We have always had generous donors who want to donate goods specifically for our programs, but this donation from Hanes was particularly special as we were able to spread it across 4 of our programs. We are incredibly grateful for the compassion that has been shown by making this donation!

Your donations will go a long way to providing care and comfort to these Mums and their babies as they adjust to a new lifestyle. We have always had generous donors who want to donate goods specifically for our programs, but we have never had a place to direct donors. GIVIT has completely changed that for us – we now have an easy place to direct our wonderful donors so they can see what we need and decide what they want to provide, big or small.

We now don’t know what we would do without GIVIT!


Hanes donations make big impacts across Australia

Support organisations registered with GIVIT have received thousands of pieces of beautiful, quality, brand new clothing from Hanes. Here are a few snippets of thanks, from right across the country.


“Recently I acquired a collection of undies from Hanes. There are a few teenagers who are homeless or couch surfing that I was able to give these to. Undies are the one thing that local charity shops do not have but the thing that is most needed. These were greatly appreciated by these young people.”


"Thank you Hanes for another generous donation to our clients. I’d like you to know that your thoughtfulness is truly making a difference in the lives of so many young people diagnosed with Mental Health issues."


"We at Kurbingui would like to thank you at GIVIT and Hanes for your very kind and generous donation of underwear and clothing. Tomorrow we have a day where we offer support to Indigenous families battling with school requirements, haircuts, etc. for their children. The items that you have donated will go a long way to ensure the most basic of clothing needs are met, something that a lot of families struggle with financially.


"The P&C at Toogoolawah State School were amazed by the amount of quality goods inside the Hanes boxes."


“The clients and staff at FORWAARD were incredibly grateful for new clothing donated by our super donor Hanes."

You can donate to support a domestic violence charity and people impacted by domestic abuse by donating to our Domestic and Family Violence Appeal.

You can help an Aboriginal charity providing community outreach in Indigenous areas by donating to our Indigenous Appeal.

You can help people under the poverty line in Australia who are experiencing homelessness by searching 'homeless' or 'homelessness' in the keyword search bar on our what's needed page, or just click here.


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