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COVID-19 Relief Program

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Fuel voucher - $50

You could help change someone’s life in Mudgee (cancer is expensive) by easing the financial burden of cancer treatment

Cancer is expensive - it is almost always more expensive the further you live from a metropolitan area. The aim of our service is to help local cancer patients with the associated treatment costs - traveling to treatment (e.g. petrol vouchers), paying for accommodation, utility bills, groceries, and helping them with out-of-pocket medical expenses. Every cent raised by the branches stays within the area to be spent on local cancer patients. COVID-19/droughts/fires/floods have greatly impacted our fundraising activities, but the need to provide financial assistance to these people has never been greater.


Mudgee NSW 2850

Fuel voucher - $50

Fuel voucers are needed to support the family of a 10 year old girl from near Mudgee who has Medulloblastma. First diagnosed in 2019 (aged 6) after treatment she was ok for a while however it has now returned and she is going to Westmead for radiation. Mudgee to Sydney is a 600km/8 hour return drive.

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COVID-19 Relief Program


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