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Breakfast programs serves up food and fun for farm kids

With the ongoing pressures of drought, some farming kids are required to assist on the family property in the morning, putting in hours of work feeding stock and doing general farm duties. They have usually done a day’s work before they even get on the school bus and start the lengthy trip to town.

A NSW Barnados branch is trying to help ease the pressures for these children by establishing a breakfast program. The team are aiming to serve up nutritious food, provide opportunities for the children to talk, have fun and set goals for a positive day at school.

Not only are farming kids being helped, but also other children facing complex situations who often do not eat breakfast. These might be children from families experiencing domestic violence, addiction, unemployment and those from outlying rural properties.

To keep the breakfast program going, the Barnados team needed food vouchers. GIVIT was able to assist by providing vouchers to local stores so items could be purchased easily and quickly.

In partnership with the NSW Government, GIVIT manages all offers of assistance to support communities, families and people facing extreme hardship due to the current drought.

If you are a charity, school, community group or aid agency supporting those facing hardship due to the current drought please register with GIVIT at here. Our aim is to provide the donations you need to keep doing the great work you do!


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