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COVID-19: Urgent calls for Personal Protective Equipment in Victoria

Every day dozens of charities are reaching out to us and asking for tens-of-thousands of essential items, especially disposable and reusable masks as well as hand sanitiser. As with the initial outbreak just months ago, we’re seeing an unprecedented amount of people in need – including many who may never have found themselves in such a vulnerable position before.


We're calling for generous Australians, businesses and organisations to help support Victorian frontline organisations during COVID-19 outbreaks. The immediate and urgent donation for more than 260 GIVIT-registered charities across Victoria is face masks and hand sanitiser.

GIVIT has already sourced 30,000 masks for Victorian charities utilising donated funds, but many more are needed to meet the skyrocketing demand. 


FareShare (pictured) is one of the many incredible organisations GIVIT is supporting during this challenging time. GIVIT provided 2000 masks to help FareShare continue their invaluable work of providing 40,000 meals per week. FareShare chefs are committed to doing whatever it takes to keep cooking meals through COVID-19. 

They are in need of thousands more masks. GIVIT is also now trying to source reusable masks for FareShare volunteers who catch public transport in and out of the area to continue distributing food to vulnerable Victorians.


Donors: We need your help

To best help vulnerable Victorians, please donate to GIVIT's COVID-19 Relief Program. 100% of donated funds GIVIT receives will be used to source urgently needed items for people impacted by COVID-19 and frontline community workers. We will purchase from local Victorian businesses wherever possible. To donate funds directly, please click here.


Organisations: If you need donations

We urge all Victorian charities, schools, councils and community groups to register for GIVIT here (it's free!). Then, you will be able to request donations on behalf of the people and communities you're supporting through the pandemic and beyond.


What's needed right now

The immediate and urgent needs for GIVIT-registered charities across Victoria are face masks and hand sanitiser. The needs for vulnerable Victorians are toiletries and grocery vouchers as well as home-schooling items, heaters and winter clothing. Many are struggling due to the virus’ economic effect exacerbating existing hardships and challenges for disadvantaged communities.

GIVIT Victorian Manager, Solange Ardiles, stressed donated items need to be of high quality - “Goods you would proudly give to a family member or friend”- to best assist and respect the dignity of recipients.

Please be aware charities may not be able to receive donated items immediately. The coordinated transfer of items are managed by the requesting charity, in keeping with their protocols and capacity during COVID-19 ongoing restrictions.

As in disasters and emergencies such as the recent bushfires, GIVIT is working with all levels of government and over 3,400 registered charities and community groups nationally to best manage donations and ensure all have access to essential items when they need them.

To see the full list of current needs, please click here.



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