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Donate as a gift to Support GIVIT

A gift given is a gift received. Life is chaotic without thinking about the gifts needed for birthdays, thank yous, the holidays and more. Why not make it easier? Donate your generosity to support Aussies in desperate need this year.

5 reasons why you should donate as a gift to GIVIT


    1. Your loved one will receive a gift that makes a real difference in the life of someone doing it tough. 
    2. It's a sustainable gift! There's zero chance your gift's recipient will be left with a physical present they may not want  
    3. Your tax-deductible donation will help GIVIT continue to provide our free service supporting 4,500 registered charities to help thousands of people who are doing it tough. 
    4. Send your card via email, it's completely zero-waste! There is a print option available as well.
    5. Donate online and skip the hassle of finding a present that could end up in landfill. 

Already decided you want to support GIVIT by giving a donation as a gift? Head to the GIVIT Shop to purchase your gift as a donation to support GIVIT and vulnerable people.

Why GIVIT & Aussies doing it tough need your help

Recent flooding in Far North Queensland, Victoria and storms in SEQ have left countless without essentials.

Behind the headlines, thousands of people are struggling from the impacts of the cost of living crisis. Natural disasters. Domestic violence. Homelessness. Below are 5 reasons why GIVIT needs help to support people in need:

  1. Following COVID-19, and natural disasters have resulted in large numbers of people struggling to afford essentials;
  2. The rising cost of living has worsened hardship. Many families are choosing between clothes, particularly uniforms and other school supplies or food for the week;
  3. According to a recent Foodbank Report, more than a third of Australian households experienced food insecurity in 2023;
  4. As the needs of vulnerable people grow so does our organisation to meet those needs. 
  5. Donating is a win, win, win. You feel good, you're supporting people in need and there's less harm to the environment.

GIVIT Supports People In Need Across Australia

Instead of spending money on another gift your loved ones may never use, donate on their behalf to support Aussies in need. 

By donating your gift, your generosity will allow us to support more than 4,500 registered charities providing vital assistance on the ground. Your donation will help GIVIT provide support to:

    • People experiencing homelessness
    • People escaping domestic & family violence
    • People impacted by natural disasters, particularly recent bushfires in QLD & NSW
    • Families struggling to afford essentials
    • Kids living in foster care
    • Young people leaving care
    • Refugees adjusting to a new home
    • Vulnerable people living with a disability
    • And so many more people who don't have essential items, such as food or clothing.

After escaping domestic violence, Tash moved into a one-bedroom unit thanks to Community Housing Ltd (CHL). GIVIT provided vouchers for Tash to buy a bed, mattress, and fridge to furnish her empty unit.

"She is very appreciative to have a choice... She is forging a new path in her life, a new home, and preparation for an imminent job interview."


This is why you should choose to give the gift of GIVIT to loved ones. By giving a gift to GIVIT, you'll be the reason why someone smiles today.

How does giving a donation as a gift work?

Another bonus? You can do all this without leaving your couch. Simply follow these three steps below.

  1. Admire your GIVIT card 😍
  2. Personalise It by writing a heartful message to be sent to your friend, loved one or colleague. 
  3. Support GIVIT by choosing the amount, purchasing your card and either emailing it to the recipient or printing it.

Head to the GIVIT Shop to purchase your gift as a donation to support GIVIT and people in need in 2024.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes! Claim a tax deduction on donations over as GIVIT is registered with Deductible Gift Recipient status. If you donate online, GIVIT will automatically email you a tax receipt. If you donate via direct deposit or cheque, send us an email at to request a tax receipt.

Unfortunately, donations of items are not tax deductible and we cannot issue tax receipts for item donations.


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