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GIVIT hero changing lives with donations

At GIVIT we often hear incredible stories of Australians working hard to help people having a tough time. But now and then, one person really captures our hearts. We’d like to introduce you to Angelica Tremblay, a woman who captured our hearts with her remarkable, relentless efforts to make a difference. We’ve dubbed her a “GIVIT Hero”.

Angelica works with Motivated4christ Women’s Group, and has been on a mission to spread GIVIT donations far and wide. She’s been heavily utilising our website to find public donations, and then direct them to where they’re needed most. In a very short time she has sourced computers, food vouchers, clothing (including 600 T-shirts!), a swag, cutlery, Banana Boat sunscreen (nine pallets worth!), outdoor furniture a sewing machine and more.

All these donations she, and her amazing team, have directed to schools and people across Australia who are having a very tough time, mostly people impacted by COVID-19, the recent bushfires and ongoing drought.

Angelica and her team are spread out across Australia. They, in their own communities, hear stories of need and then quietly and gently ensure those people receive help by providing donations. Many from GIVIT!

“It’s been just so mind blowing the opportunities,” Angelica shares. “Thank you from my heart, thank you that not only I, but we, could help so many across this great land and reach areas that are usually closed doors. I watched my parents going through hard times being farmers. They never liked handouts but if it came to their door with nothing else but there name on it, it was welcomed and I did that with our farmers. Thank you for giving me this huge ability to reach out to many in this wonderful vast land of ours.”

“I am so indebted to all the wonderful donors who are such an incredible lifeline to many,” Angelica said. “Kirsty from GIVIT is my hero.”

And you Angelica are ours!


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