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GIVIT Video - Give something that you’d be happy to give to somebody close to you

Starting Over helps Western Australians experiencing homelessness due to domestic violence or other reasons. The people of Perth have been a part of helping families Start Over - it takes a village.  The volume of furniture that has been needed to help is astounding.  With access to the high-quality donated goods on GIVIT’s virtual warehouse, Starting Over has helped over 550 families in the last 3 years.  This has included fully furnishing families homes – that takes a lot of generous people donating!

Help domestic violence victims

People experiencing domestic and family violence are often in complex situations, and the assistance they require is varied. Women or men fleeing domestic abuse situations often have to leave in a hurry, and are unable to take personal possessions with them. 

This is where organisations like Starting Over come in. For people starting fresh, they need... well, pretty much everything. Furniture, whitegoods and appliances, clothes, household essential items, toiletries, toys, digital devices... the list goes on.

You can donate items or money to help Australians impacted by domestic violence via our Domestic and Family Violence Appeal.


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