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Golding supporting GIVIT and the community

70 Golding laptops, donated in support of GIVIT’s Digital Inclusion Appeal

GIVIT engagement officer with a laptop donation recipientGIVIT found homes for 70 Golding-donated laptops, distributing the devices through GIVIT’s Digital Inclusion initiative. The project is supported by Queenslanders with Disability Network (QDN) and helps Queenslanders with a disability get connected to digital technology. Improving people's access to technology is essential throughout disasters and Covid-19 as it provides a platform to connect with friends, families, and communities, reducing feelings of isolation.

Recipients of the Golding laptops include a young woman with an intellectual disability living in unstable housing, who needed a device to access essential services. GIVIT supplied the woman with a laptop, empowering her to be connected and access essential services. Upon receiving the donation, the young woman was overjoyed and mentioned the donation will also further assist her future goal of studying.  

Another life positively impacted by Golding’s generosity includes a non-verbal gentleman with a physical disability who could not stop signing 'thank you' after receiving his laptop.

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Golding generously donates essential items to vulnerable Queenslanders in need.

Golding continues to deliver big impact with GIVIT by providing the necessary resources to support the community.

100% of publicly donated money received by GIVIT is used to purchase essential items for people in need. GIVIT relies on government funding and our wonderful corporate donors to cover operational costs. On top of supporting GIVIT’s operational costs so that vulnerable Aussies can continue to be supported, Golding continues to donate thousands of items to the community through GIVIT. 


Quality Golding bedframes distributed to vulnerable Queensland communities

Earlier this year Golding also donated 120 quality bed frames from their Baralaba site to GIVIT which were accessed by six charity partners across Queensland, including four First Nations organisations. GIVIT charity partner Central Queensland Indigenous Development (CQID) used the bed frames to assist overcrowded households in Woorabinda. 

“The donation of these bed frames meant that children who were sleeping on the floor in crowded homes in our region had a bed to sleep in over winter,” said Shaye Kemp from CQID.   

“Our community deserves the same everyday comforts that everyone is entitled to, so we’re grateful that donations from GIVIT allow us to access these comforts for our clients.” 

“We’re so grateful that donations from GIVIT allow us to access these comforts for our clients.”

- Queensland Indigenous Development (CQID)

Flood-Impacted communities in Central Highlands get help

Support from Golding has enabled GIVIT to run appeals that support vulnerable communities impacted by the recent flooding events. GIVIT was able to support a couple's property that was severely affected by flash flooding for the second time in 8 months. The continuous natural disasters left the couple in a challenging position, facing the financial burden of replacing their items again, in the space of a few months. GIVIT sourced a new fridge and freezer, grocery vouchers, as well as new equipment to power their off-the-grid home. 

“GIVIT had the huge task of liaising with service providers and local suppliers in the region to source items needed by community. They played a crucial role, and their support is greatly appreciated. Through GIVIT, Central Highlands Regional Council was able to support 16 flood affected households in recovery, provide $5,110 in grocery vouchers, fulfil 51 requests for items, and coordinate plumbing and electrical works for three households. Thanks again to the staff at GIVIT for making this achievable.” 

- Central Highlands Regional Council 

Life has been incredibly difficult for so many Australians, dealing with the impacts of the pandemic as well as natural disasters and financial hardship. In the past two years, GIVIT has donated more than 3.6 million items to Australians in need and we could not have done it without the support of partners like Golding. 

These donations may seem simple, but they have a huge impact on the people that need them so we’re very grateful to Golding for allowing GIVIT to assist people in need.”


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