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IKEA donation brings GIVIT staff to tears

A new bed and furniture for a young girl doing it tough

A recent donation in Western Australia left GIVIT Engagement Officer Sarah Visser in tears, and gave some light at the end of the tunnel for a young girl caring for her unwell mum.

WA Engagement Officer Sarah at IKEA with youth worker from Cockburn Youth ServicesA youth worker from Cockburn Youth Services came to us seeking assistance for a teenage First Nations girl who was acting as primary carer for her mother. Complications from surgery to remove a brain tumour had resulted in brain damage, memory loss and mental ill-health.

As if this wasn't enough hardship, the family had also previously been affected by domestic and family violence. While they were out of town attending a funeral, their home was broken into. Items were broken, cupboards were smashed, and the girl's mattress was slashed and destroyed with a knife.

During an already tough time, this brave young girl was forced to sleep on the floor and store her clothes in garbage bags. Her 17-year-old-brother also has no bed to sleep on.

Donation helps get family back on track

The youth worker from Cockburn Youth Services used GIVIT to request a gift voucher to buy a new double mattress for the family, adding that any support whatsoever would be appreciated.

WA Engagement Officer Sarah Visser at IKEA with youth worker from Cockburn Youth ServicseThanks to the remarkable generosity of big-hearted donors, Sarah was able to take the youth worker on a shopping trip to IKEA. There, they purchased new mattresses, linen, blankets, pillows, a chest of drawers, bedside lights and potted plants, which were provided to the deserving family.

"The case worker sent me a photo of the recipient when she arrived home to help set the furniture all up. Her face in the photo made me cry! The thought of her having a nice room to be in with everything that she's been through made me feel incredibly proud of what IKEA and GIVIT do together" Sarah said.

I feel like I'm forever not showing how grateful I am for YOU and your organisation for all of your support over and over again. I wish I were good enough with words to articulate it! If I could I would.
I just want you to know when I say thank you it holds great weight to it. I genuinely and wholeheartedly am very very appreciative of it, and your continuous hard work in supporting our community.


IKEA support crucial to GIVIT's work

WA Engagement Officer Sarah Visser with an IKEA staff memberSince 2019, IKEA has donated a staggering $600,000 worth of stock to GIVIT through its IKEA Family Program.

“It’s been great to work with GIVIT to be able to best match what we have to give as an organisation with those in genuine need around the country. The functionality of the platform is something we find hugely useful and helps us deliver true impact for our donations, which is something we really pride ourselves on as a values-driven company," says IKEA Australia Country Sustainability Manager, Mellisa Hamilton.


The support of organisations like IKEA means we can make life-changing donations possible.

The smart way to give

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