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La Niña may lead to more Australians requiring disaster relief

The Bureau of Meteorology’s has officially declared that a La Niña underway in the tropical Pacific. La Niña could cause increased rainfall, a shift in temperatures, greater tropical cyclone numbers and an earlier monsoon onset meaning more Australians may require access to Disaster Recovery relief.


The Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology  shares:

All key indicators have now either reached or exceeded La Niña thresholds and all climate models indicate this La Niña will persist until at least January 2021. La Niña usually means earlier and above average rainfall across the east and north of Australia, the chance of wide-spread flooding and more tropical cyclones


Bureau of Meteorology: La Niña in Australia

In times of crisis – GIVIT is the smart way to give

GIVIT's former CEO, Sarah Tennant, said in times of emergency or disaster GIVIT is the smart way to help people and communities impacted.

“Following a disaster, GIVIT partners with state and local governments to support local communities in the way they need and hope for,” Ms Tennant said. “Donations made through GIVIT not only provide critical and immediate support, but we are also there for the long run, with a commitment to buying locally wherever possible to help the economic recovery of local businesses.

“It might be clean bottled water, generators or food and fuel vouchers needed in the immediate recovery. Then, as people start rebuilding their lives, school supplies, furniture or water tanks. We find out exactly what people need, and help deliver this relief through GIVIT’s network of registered support organisations.”

Registered GIVIT support organisations have been through GIVIT’s vetting process, ensuring they are assisting vulnerable Australians and committed to their well-being and recovery.

What can you do?

When disaster strikes, we understand that you want to help! However, time and time again, we see communities overwhelmed by well-meaning donations that are not needed, or not needed right now. Unwanted donations can cause chaos for recovery agencies working to save lives, sometimes leading to the ultimate throwing away of these valuable donated goods.

To save this from happening, and ensure these donations help change lives as our wonderful donors intended, GIVIT uses a co-ordinated approach to get the donations to people who need them the most.


You can read more about GIVIT's Disaster and Emergency Recovery Service here,


As the La Niña approaches in coming months, look out for the GIVIT call out asking for specific relevant items or funds. You can see what items are needed here. If you donate funds, we promise 100% of your donation will be used to purchase essential items for people in need. Wherever possible, we support the local retailers who employ local people, providing opportunity and lifeblood to the disaster impacted region.

When the monsoonal rains and devastating floods hit Townsville in early 2019, GIVIT co-ordinated the spending of over $3.5 million of donated funds locally and the distribution of over 227,000 items.

Initially, GIVIT co-ordinated requests for vouchers to provide food, fuel, clothing, personal hygiene and cleaning products. As the water receded and the residents returned home, attention shifted to items to help create “liveable” homes such as white goods, electrical appliances and furniture, all purchased through local Townsville businesses. With requests for essential recovery items met, GIVIT continued to work with the Queensland Government to direct funds towards making vulnerable residents’ homes safe and habitable.


ACT Government repurpose office supplies to benefit women and children in need


GIVIT provides essential food vouchers to remote NT families in need

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