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Road Boss Rally - Gundi to Gundi via the Gully

See the outback, go on an adventure, meet great people and fundraise for GIVIT!

A map of the 2022 Road Boss Rally mini, starting and finishing in Goondiwindi via Nindigully and TaraRoad Boss Rally participants are some of our favourite people. Each year, this motoring adventure takes entrants into the Australian bush to see the outback, meet the locals, fundraise for GIVIT, and have an amazing time!

Road Boss Rally has fundraised almost $1.5 million for GIVIT to date, helping us impact countless lives in the process. There's no way GIVIT could do what it does without these generous people.

To kick start 2022 with borders reopening, the Road Boss Rally is staging a bite-sized four-day rally from Sunday 13th March to Thursday 17th March, beginning and ending in Goondiwindi in Southern Queensland.

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It's adventurous, it's a challenge, it's a heck of a lot of fun and at its core, the Road Boss Rally is about friends, family and mateshop... doing great things in and for a great country.


Frequently asked questions

Q: How much does it cost to enter?
A: Fees and minimum fundraising amounts for the 2022 Gundi to Gundi via the Gully Road Boss Rally are below.
$150 - entry deposit
$1000 - per car entry fee
$385 - per person catering fee
$500 - per car GIVIT donation

Q: How old does the car have to be?
A: Any age or type of motor vehicle can take part in the Road Boss Rally. We strongly encourage 2wd cars that are about 20 years or older. These are in the spirit of the event and still have plenty of charm and character. On saying that, any car can come along and will be welcomed. Note that large 4wd type vehicles must have rollover protection (ROPS) installed, as they are taller and have a higher centre of gravity, making them less stable on outback roads.

Q: How many people can we take?
A: You need at least two people in the car, one to drive and one to navigate. Most crews enjoy having two or three, however you can have up to the legal seating capacity of your car.

Q: Where do we sleep?
A: Every night stop, whether we are in a small or large town, we arrange a designated and common camping area. These are usually free and at footy grounds, show grounds etc. In order to ensure good facilities, on occasions, we may need to utilise a commercial caravan park and a fee may apply. Should you want accommodation such as a hotel or motel room, this will be your responsibility to book and pay for. We will send out some advice and suggestions in newsletters during the lead up. Most people camp alongside their car, and get a room every third night or so or in the larger towns.

Q: Is it a race?
No. The Road Boss Rally is not a race, speed event or timed trial. We do score the rally, but it is not there to encourage speed or unsafe driving. We use the scoring to have a lot of fun, keep crews occupied and concentrating during the day and as organisers, it provides us with a method of being able to monitor and manage the cars during each day to make sure everyone is on track, being sensible and is accounted for, especially in very remote and isolated areas. So you can win the Road Boss Rally, but it's not a race. It’s about vehicle preparation, taking on a challenge and being reliable and consistent.

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