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Sheridan bedding donated to remote Indigenous communities

Working together with Dr Steve Burroughs Foundation and Sheridan

A group of smiling Indigenous women from a remote community with donations of Sheridan beddingTogether with major corporate partner Sheridan, GIVIT worked with the Dr Steve Burroughs Foundation to support remote Indigenous communities.

Sheridan's generosity meant GIVIT distributed 14,000 bedding items with over half going to remote First Nations communities. Nearly $300,000 worth of sheet sets, quilt covers, towels and loungewear were delivered to 30 remote Indigenous communities from Cape York to Southern New South Wales. These communities often experience severe disadvantage, and can be hours from support services and shops.

Sheridan giving the gift of comfort

Through the Dr Steve Burroughs Foundation, Sheridan donated bedding to a group of Indigenous women who were experiencing severe disadvantage. All the women were sleeping on mattresses on the floor without bed frames. With several of the women wheelchair bound, they were struggling with getting in and out of bed from their wheelchairs to ground-level.

When the women received these donations and saw the pictures of the beds on the Sheridan packaging, they asked the health worker about the possibility of receiving bed frames like they saw in the images. In remote Indigenous communities, beds are often just a mattress on the floor, and it hadn't occurred to these ladies that a raised bed frame might be available to them.

People in the city would have no idea that Indigenous people living in remote Australia often assume that a bed means a mattress on the floor. If it hadn't been for Sheridan's donation, these ladies would never have asked for bed frames, as they'd just never thought about it before.


Kindness Matters

Prior to this Sheridan donation, the health worker had only ever visited these ladies to fill out forms to help them access government support. Dr Steve felt moved by the experience, and grateful for the opportunity to do something special for this community, and that it resulted in them reaching out to him for further help.

Stories like these remind us that one small bit of kindness can result in big changes to the lives of people living in poverty. 

Regardless of location or access, everyone deserves the basic comforts of home many of us take for granted,


The Dr Steve Burroughs Foundation empowers and advances the welfare of disadvantaged Indigenous Australians whilst protecting Indigenous culture and being respectful to the environment.

Want to help?

The smiles on the faces of these ladies tells a story. The impact of these donations can’t be underestimated. Even the smallest act of giving can have a snowball effect, transforming people’s lives.

At the time of writing, more than 10,000 items are urgently needed by community outreach organisations and charities supporting First Nations Australians. Click here to see what’s needed and donate items or money.


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