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Using GIVIT to move offices sustainably

Companies, councils and charities are taking a more sustainable, ethical approach when moving offices.

Thoughtful organisations are using GIVIT's platform to make their office moves more sustainable, while helping Aussies in need at the same time! Donating office items or office supplies is a win-win.

We recently worked with Investa, Australia's largest owner and manager of commercial real estate. A tenant was vacating at Investa's 259 Queen Street property in Brisbane, and the building's concierge was looking to dispose of surplus office furniture and equipment in an eco-conscious way.

With a three-day deadline to get rid of the items before they were due to go to landfill, Renee from Investa uploaded more than 300 items including desks, office chairs, lounges, cabinets, whiteboards and kitchen supplies to our online warehouse. There, they were visible and available to more than 4,500 GIVIT-registered organisations.

Overwhelming interest in Brisbane office donations

Within three days, all the office items and office supplies had been claimed by community organisations and charities. 

Mission Australia staff with donated lockers from an office relocation

  • Open Minds, a mental health and disability support provider, collected microwaves, toasters,  sandwich presses, a kettle, and crockery for their clients. 
  • Southside Community Care, a NFP assisting disadvantaged and homeless families, picked up office chairs, lounges and kitchen supplies for the converted house they use as an office.
  • Representatives from Yeronga Community Centre picked up storage cabinets, telling Investa that locals attending their arts and crafts sessions were so excited to have more storage for supplies.
  • Respect Inc claimed six office chairs, explaining that many of their volunteers had previously been sitting on broken and unsuitable chairs.
  • Staff from Mission Australia collected lockers for staff to use at their offices. They looked pretty stoked in the photos they sent back!
  • Spinal Life Australia picked up 50 office chairs, four desks, two tables and eight lounge chairs.

Even though we were rushed for time and only had three days to try and fit all these charities in, it has been amazing to see how much response there was. I loved the experience of talking to all the charity representatives and very much look forward to working with them and GIVIT in the future.


Rork Projects delivering on environmentally friendly approach

In Sydney, nationally accredited Indigenous construction company Rork Projects used GIVIT to complete a refurbishment and make-good project at Darling Park Tower 2 in an environmentally conscious way that minimised waste.

In line with the Better Buildings Partnership commitment of clients AMP Capital and GPT, Rork was aiming to divert 80% of strip-out waste, including unwanted furniture and items from landfill. 

The office furniture was successfully rehomed, with more than 300 items donated to organisations like Wesley Mission, SANDBAG Inc, The Equanimity Project, Mission Australia, The Woodville Alliance, The Exodus Foundation, and the Divine Church Sydney. 

A spokesperson from Rork Projects said "Rork Projects were thrilled to have collaborated with GIVIT on our recent defit project at Darling Park Tower 2 to repurpose unwanted office furniture. For this project we had a tight timeframe, GIVIT worked with us and were very accommodating. The entire donation process was a seamless experience through the facilitation of their online warehouse, along with the guidance and care from a number of GIVIT team members. These types of initiatives are crucial to reducing landfill and for positive environmental change. We are looking forward to working with GIVIT on future projects where we can."

Councils, charities are relocating sustainably too

It's not just companies that are making a difference to Australians in hardship by donating office items or office supplies they no longer need. Councils and even support organisations are getting in on the act!

Ipswich City Council recently donated surplus stationery via the online warehouse as it relocated offices to a new location.

In Canberra there was a heartwarming role reversal, as The St Vincent de Paul Society, an organisation that would ordinarily be requesting items and services via GIVIT for the people its supporting, rehomed unwanted office furniture and supplies during its office move. ACT Engagement Officer, Kristi Clark, said "It's fantastic that an established charity is paying it forward to other local support organisations in an environmentally and ethically conscious way. This is a great example of the circular economy, and charities sharing resources with each other." 

Give the smart way

GIVIT's online donation platform helps businesses, councils and charities to rehome unwanted items, minimise impact on the environment, and make a difference in the lives of people doing it tough. Our online warehouse acts like a virtual matchmaker, connecting donors with local grassroots organisations when moving offices, renovating, refurbishing or upgrading. Some GIVIT-registered organisations can offer office furniture donation pick up if you need it.

For companies looking for corporate social responsibility (CSR) or environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives, GIVIT is a natural fit. Whether your preference is to donate money, donate items, product or stock, or even donate time through corporate volunteering, you can do so via GIVIT.

Try uploading your office items to our online warehouse, or get in touch with us to see how else we can work together.


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