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We helped build a school!

Thanks to generous donations from Australian individuals and businesses. GIVIT helped a specialist school, in West Australia’s far north, open its doors to some of the State’s most vulnerable students. Partnering with not-for-profit education group, Alta-1, GIVIT helped make the Kununurra CARE (Curriculum and Re-engagement Education) School a reality. Offering an alternative education for female students facing complex social, emotional, medical or behavioural issues, the school can provide places for up to 20 students.

Overwhelmed by the response to our call out for donations to build the school in this remote Kimberley region, it took less than six months to get this life-changing facility up and running. Every bolt, beam, joist, door and window, and all internal fittings, including a great kitchen, were paid for by big-hearted Australians. On top of this structural work, every chair, table, whiteboard and laptop were also made possible by financial donations and gifts.

We can’t share this story without an enormous shout out to remarkable donors Spaceframe, Centurian and Western Stainless. GIVIT may have brought it all together but it simply wouldn’t have happened without their huge generosity.

The school’s curriculum provides an alternative education for girls, aged 12 to 19, struggling to engage with the mainstream system. Its individualised approach enables students to address issues impeding their educational and vocational goals. develop self-worth and restore relationships with family and community. Alta-1’s model changes lives for those completely disengaged from education and deemed ‘at-risk’ by schools and welfare agencies.

Proud to be a part of this great initiative, GIVIT was delighted by the response of the Alta-1 team and the newly enrolled students:

You can see more about this great project by watching this video

“Monday was the first official day of school; we have our first five girls - yay! One girl mentioned that it was like Christmas! They were very excited and have labelled their items. They spent the day having class out on the deck.

From all of us, a giant ’THANK YOU!’ for all that you have so kindly given to make this project happen.


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