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IKEA help us give fresh starts to families escaping domestic and family violence in Sydney

Campbelltown domestic and family violence survivors receive life-changing donated IKEA items

We recently teamed up with IKEA Marsden Park to help a number of Indigenous families severely affected by domestic and family violence in Campbelltown and Macarthur.

The donated items meant we could provide complete bedroom fit-outs, including bunk beds, furniture, lush blankets and big pillows to three families. 


Family one

A mum and kids escaped ongoing domestic and family violence after she lost hearing during an assault. From a multicultural background and with no close family members, she was left isolated. When she escaped to receive medical attention, the house was cleaned out by the perpetrator. She and her children had to start all over again with next to no possessions.


Family two

A single mum lost her home and all the belongings inside when it was set on fire during a domestic violence incident. This mother had previously been homeless for an entire year and had only recently found a new safe home. The woman and her kids were forced to start again with no belongings.


Family three

A single mum of two was made homeless due to family violence, forced to leave in a hurry without any family belongings as she escaped the abuse. The family stayed in a one-bedroom unit with a terminally ill grandmother and needed to find their own home. 

The support from IKEA and GIVIT really does change lives. At a time of crisis and turmoil, having access to beautiful furniture is just amazing.

IKEA and GIVIT's support to victims of domestic violence is exactly what we need to do as a community. We all need to say 'no' to domestic violence, and support the most vulnerable at their biggest time of need.


A fresh start for mums and kids escaping domestic and family violence

Donations for the families were requested by Macarthur Women's Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Services (MWDVCAS), who provide support for women experiencing domestic and family violence.

Market Manager at IKEA Marsden Park, Sharon McVicker, said their team hopes in working with GIVIT, their donations will support families in Greater Sydney affected by domestic violence to rebuild a safe place they can call home.

"We know how important life at home is and helping Australians live a better life at home is what drives us, especially for those experiencing hardship. When GIVIT approached us to see if we could support the women whose homes had been lost as a result of domestic violence, we immediately wanted to see how we could help."

Our recently launched Domestic and Family Violence Appeal has thousands of items requested by frontline organisations and support charities. It's easy to donate items or money to people impacted by domestic and family violence and do your bit to help them recover and move on.


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