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Meet GIVIT hero Georgiana

Georgiana's overflowing generosity

"When I'm connected to GIVIT, I'm able to have an invisible connection to another person and to make a difference to their life."

Here's the thing about generosity - once it starts, it creates a ripple effect that has the potential to go on and on and on!

We're constantly overwhelmed with the kindness and generosity that people show through GIVIT, but once in a while someone comes along with such an abundance of generosity, that we just have to tell you about them!

Meet one of our GIVIT heroes, Georgiana (or George!).

Last year, Georgiana first donated using money raised from selling her Nintendo Wii. She used this money to buy gift cards for a teenager who had escaped a domestic violence situation and was starting from scratch. When George donated, she asked that as well as buying essentials like clothes and toiletries, that the requesting organisation do something for the girl to 'treat herself.' When the charity eventually replied to tell Georgiana that the girl had used some of the gift cards to go to the cinema, George was blown away. And hooked!

That one simple act has turned into a very special ritual - Georgiana now donates to a request from GIVIT's 'what's needed' list every month.

"I do something with GIVIT every pay day and it's always something different for someone different! Sometimes an individual, sometimes a charity working with vulnerable groups. It feels amazing!"

Channelling generosity through GIVIT

Georgiana loves donating with GIVIT each monthSince discovering GIVIT, Georgiana’s been on a giving roll!

She’s donated reusable ponchos and umbrellas for homeless Indigenous Australians, brand new sheets, quilts and pillows for a homeless woman and her daughter, bedsheets for a mental health recovery centre, stationery for back to school packs for Aboriginal children, art supplies for a disability service, bulk clothes for a woman experiencing mental ill health, and so much more.


And she does do more! Aside from donating, Georgiana is an advocate amongst her friends and family for giving the smart way, telling people about what GIVIT does whenever she can.

"You probably don't even realise that you have something laying around unused that could make a massive difference to someone in need."

From toiletries, to art supplies, to clothes and kitchenware, George says the GIVIT platform makes it easy for her to donate on a regular basis. "You can order amazing stuff cheap online and have it delivered straight to the organisation to give to the recipient. I highly recommend donating this way!"

GIVIT a try

If you're feeling inspired by George's story and are looking for a way to give that is transparent, does no harm, and meets genuine need, you can see what's needed right now by community organisations, you can offer your good-quality, unwanted items in our online warehouse, you can offer to donate your time, or you can donate money.

As George puts it beautifully, "it's a really small act for someone, but it makes a huge difference."


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