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Meet GIVIT hero Quinton

Paying it forward: Quinton's quest

At GIVIT, we know there’s more to being a hero than X-ray vision or a fancy cape. Take regular donor Quinton Crew, for example. 

The Western Australian businessman and father of three might be lacking when it comes to superpowers, but he more than makes up for it with his superhuman generosity. 

Over the last 12 months, Quinton and his family have funded the purchase of almost $5,000 worth of items for people in need in Perth and surrounding areas.

The Crew family’s donations have included: a washing machine and fridge for a single mother suffering financial hardship; a pram for the child of a couple newly arrived in Australia with limited means; and grocery vouchers for a family escaping domestic violence.

Motivated by faith

Quinton says his generosity is informed by his faith, which sees him donate 10% of his earnings. He loves how GIVIT connects him to genuine and urgent need. When Quinton donates 10% of his earnings through GIVIT, he knows his donation is going to make a very real and positive difference.

"Helping people is really important to us," he says. 

"I’ve learned that every person in life, somewhere along the line, needs a hand up–not a handout but a hand up–just to take that next step, and I think donating helps people to do that."

For the Crews, this has included a particular focus on providing women escaping domestic violence with the resources they need to get back on their feet. 

"That’s something that’s really close to our hearts," he says. "We’ve actually donated quite a few laptops and helped people with their studies to get back into the workforce [and] get themselves up and running again."

As far as the reward for all of his charitable work goes, Quinton says there’s nothing like it. "Donating anything–whether it’s time, items or money–is quite fulfilling to me personally. It’s good to know that somebody is better off because we have the ability to help them… It’s a wonderful feeling."

There are many platforms out there. There are many organisations. But what I love about GIVIT is that they actually connect real needs with people that want to donate and help.

You can either give or donate goods. You can purchase goods. You can fund things. It’s really just a very easy-to-use, very intuitive platform.


Using GIVIT to make a difference

Inspired by Quinton's generosity? You can donate time, donate money, or donate good quality, unwanted items today to make a difference in the life of someone who needs it.


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