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Our Impact | One Year on from the Victoria Floods

2022 Victoria Floods | GIVIT's Impact

In October 2022, torrential rain inundated more than eight river systems and catchments across Victoria. The resulting flooding caused tragic loss of life, homes and property. One year on, GIVIT is working with the Victorian Government and support organisations to get people back on their feet.

96,202 Items & services provided to flood-impacted communities

49 Organisations have received donated items, services or vouchers

74 Local Government Areas have charities that have placed requests

Most requested items and services for Victoria flood recovery: groceries, clothing, hardware, bed linen, toys and games

$1,363,990 Already spent buying essential items & services

3,175 Kilograms of items have been given a new home

6,641 Items & services donated via online warehouse towards flood recovery

Areas that have received the most items: Greater Shepparton, Campaspe, Moira, Cardinia, Hume, Maribyrnong, Casey, Mitchell, Yarra Ranges, East Gippsland

People we've helped

Engagement Officer Max with teachers and students from Mooroopna Park Primary SchoolShepparton

GIVIT worked with Greater Shepparton Foundation and Mooroopna Park Primary School to identify flood-affected families struggling during the festive season.

GIVIT provided toys such as lego, blocks, board games and dolls to ensure kids had presents under the tree on Christmas morning, and grocery vouchers to help ease the financial pressure on families over the holidays.

Donated water tank from GIVITEchuca

A family of four experienced the loss of shelter and access to water, with the floods causing extensive mould throughout their home and damage to their electrical cables, water tanks, and gas line. The family’s only income source was a disability support pension which left them financially unable to replace these vital items that were now damaged beyond repair. As a result of their financial hardship, they were forced to live in emergency shelter until they could find a way to repair these essential items.


GIVIT supplied this family with a new fridge/freezer, as well as a brand-new water tank. The family has since moved back into their home and begun their road to recovery in a stable environment. GIVIT’s response to this request ensured that essential aid promptly reached individuals in the community facing the most pressing challenges.

GIVIT CEO Sarah Tennant and GIVIT Victorian Engagement Officer Max Visser visiting Maribyrnong Community Centre to drop off donationsMaribyrnong

In inner-city Melbourne, floodwaters from the Maribyrnong River inundated homes. Working with Maribyrnong City Council, GIVIT has provided:

  • Vouchers for an elderly flood-affected man to have his yard mowed.
  • Vouchers for hardware items gardening tools and pressure washers to help residents clean up their flood-affected properties.

A flooded building in Rochester VictoriaCentral Goldfields

A First Nations woman who is caring for her four school-aged grandchildren lost many household items when floodwaters swept through their home. The grandmother lives with a disability, as do two of her grandkids.

GIVIT provided beds and bedding, kitchen
essentials, furniture and clothing to help the family settle into their new accommodation. The woman was in tears when she was told about the donations.


A flooded farmer's flock of sheep in KotupnaKotupna

Two months after the floods, a sheep farmer's property was still inundated, and he was using a boat to get around and feed his sheep. The farmer lost sheep during the floods and has limited support available. He was unable to earn an income during this period as he was spending all his time trying to keep his sheep alive.

GIVIT provided vouchers for groceries, fuel and rural supplies to help ease this farmer's financial hardship and let him know he's not alone.

GIVIT CEO Sarah Tennant with staff from Disaster Relief AustraliaBarmah & Cummeragunja

The rural communities of Barmah and Cummergunja were completely cut off during the floods, and supplies for more than 180 families had to be brought in by boat.

GIVIT provided two chest freezers to help the community store shared food and essentials. GIVIT also provided grocery vouchers, and insect repellent to provide protection against mosquitos that were thriving in the stagnant floodwaters.

The elderly man's houseboat with access repaired and restoredMildura

After recently being forced to transfer his terminally ill wife into a nursing home, an elderly man was evacuated from his houseboat before the floods hit. The floodwaters destroyed access to the man's home, and he had to live in a caravan with no kitchen.

GIVIT provided a hardware voucher to help this man rebuild the ramp to access his houseboat so he could get back to normality.

The man visits his wife in residential care each day, and the houseboat is named 'White Rose' after her. The man said he is now loving sitting back and enjoying his life, and is excited to plant a rose to honour his wife.


Solar panels for caravan donated from GIVIT


An elderly gentleman severely impacted by the Victorian floods was without insurance and unable to cover the loss of his home and possessions. Solely reliant on the Aged Pension, making ends meet alone was a daily struggle.

GIVIT responded by providing this man with new solar panels, allowing him to have power in his home. He now enjoys the simple comforts of lights, warmth, and the ability to charge his phone which has made a significant difference in his daily life.


A family who lost everything due to devastating floodwaters faced the challenge of transforming their shed into a liveable and warm space for winter while their home was being rebuilt.

To complete the enclosure of their makeshift home, cement sheeting was required to keep the cold air out. One family member had also dealt with two strokes which limited their mobility. As a result, solar lighting for safe access to an outdoor toilet and shower was also necessary for accessibility reasons. GIVIT provided vouchers to ensure this family was kept out of the cold and could live comfortably whilst rebuilding.

Thank you messages from organisations and recipients

I think any community organisation that's not registered with GIVIT - if they end up in a situation like we were in, you need to get on board. Don't question it, don't muck around, just do it because it'll save you a whole bucketload of time and effort.


Sarah from Echuca Neighbourhood House talks about her experience using GIVIT during flood recovery.

That's great, thanks for the update. I'm in tears, I'm so grateful to you... thank you so very much.


We're incredibly thankful for the generous support provided by GIVIT during the recent Victorian flood events. Thanks to these donations we have been able to support hundreds of families who have been displaced and lost their belongings and provide food and goods assistance to remote communities that were cut off from other services.

You have truly made a difference, and we are extremely grateful! Keep up the fantastic work GIVIT, you guys are having a real impact!


GIVIT coming to the party has been a huge breath of fresh air for this family and they finally have access to a good supply of clean water, with fully operational pumps and pipes. A big thank you to you and your team.


GIVIT has done an incredible job by supporting the vulnerable clients in a timely manner.

Your support in this VIC 2022 Flood recovery space has been tremendous and the clients supported through GIVIT have always expressed their gratitude, happiness through words and sometimes even through happy tears.

We are really fortunate to work with such a great organisation and look forward to continuing our partnership.


Just sending through a HUGE THANKS to you and your team. My client has taken photos of his new solar panels installed and in operation. He took these photos with his new mobile phone purchased also via GIVIT.

His life has been turned upside down by the Victorian flood event but it is settling now thanks to the incredible assistance from you and your team. We appreciate you all so much!


GIVIT has been a backbone to the recovery process when very limited grants or funding bodies have been able to help.

GIVIT has been helping people get back on their feet, providing essential items to live a normal life and feel safe; keep food cold, have clean clothes, a bed to sleep in, and essential running water – plus many, many more essential requirements. Their staff are very easy to deal with, very quick with a response, and always work in a trauma-informed way.

This has not only impacted the clients from a physical, logistical, and financial point of view but the mental health impact its had has been massive to these families. In many cases, clients have been able to have their homes completely refurnished.


Impact reports

Thanks to our floods supporters

Victoria State Government Logo

NRMA Insurance

RACV logo


GIVIT's impact in the recovery from the Victoria floods is possible thanks to our National Partners, NRMA Insurance and RACV. GIVIT's recovery work is being delivered in partnership with the Victorian State Government. 

We'd also like to thank our generous supporters who have made donations of $50,000 or more to GIVIT (as at 11 April 2023) to assist people impacted by the Victorian floods - Coles, DECJUBA Foundation, IMA, Melbourne Racing Club Foundation, Tabcorp, the A2 Milk Company, TOYOTA Australia and Victoria Racing Club Limited.


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