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Supporting thousands in need with help from Dan Murphy’s

Since 2021, Dan Murphy’s has raised more than $2 million for GIVIT to bring much-needed assistance to Aussies in hardship.

100% of funds raised through customer donations are used by GIVIT to purchase essential items and services for people in need across the country.

New canteen for a community soccer club

Volunteers standing in their new canteen at their local community soccer clubWhen the Black Summer Bushfires hit the NSW town of Bega, the Bega Devils Soccer Club canteen was operating out of an aging, well-loved shipping container. Support from Hughie Beer, sold at Dan Murphy’s, allowed GIVIT to assist the Club with the refurbishment of their canteen. GIVIT provided cabinetry and shelving, a pie warmer, a sink and water heater, and crockery and cutlery.

The refurbishment was gratefully received by club president: 

"I don't even have the words to explain how thankful we are for what you guys have done for us. It's just a really nice place to be now.”

A teen's special night made possible

Dan's worker smiling whilst holding donations for GIVIT

A loving father living on a disability pension was struggling immensely. With no other options left, his teenage son had to step up and become his father’s carer whilst waiting for additional disability funding to come through.

The son had selflessly been the father's rock throughout the difficult period, and this dad wanted to GIVIT back by making his son’s school formal an experience he wouldn't forget.

Using funds Dan Murphy’s raised, GIVIT purchased this young man a new suit, so that he could have an amazing night with his friends, celebrating the end of his high school journey.

"They were both extremely grateful for the support and his son was over the moon that he could wear something nice and stylish for his formal. His dad was in tears as he wanted so much to give his son a nice send-off. Seeing his son so confident and happy in his suit was an extremely proud moment and he couldn’t thank us enough for helping them both achieve their dream."

Lockyer Community Centre

Safety for a mother and daughter

Dan's staff dressed in their PJ's, holding GIVIT heart signs in the DAN's store.Dan Murphy’s fundraising also helped a mother and daughter escaping domestic family violence to set up their new home from scratch. The family faced immense challenges, including isolation due to their culturally and linguistically diverse background, which made accessing support difficult.

Thanks to funds raised by Dan’s, they received everything they needed to set up their new home. This included furniture and household essentials, allowing them to create a safe and comfortable environment. This support not only provided them with the basics but also a sense of stability and safety.

The mother and daughter are now in their happy place. These acts of support are life changing for vulnerable families doing it tough.

"Mum has finally settled in and I visited her last Friday. Her daughter would not get off the bed that was purchased for her using a GIVIT voucher. Her daughter is non-verbal and kept pointing at the bed repeatedly saying ‘bed’. Thank you for all the support you give to our vulnerable clients."

Macarthur Family & Youth Service

National GIVIT Days having a huge impact

Every quarter, Dan Murphy's stores turn teal for National GIVIT Day. Customers all over the country are encouraged to round up their purchases or make a gold coin donation.

Money raised is used to support a different cause each quarter, such as people experiencing mental ill-health, families in need at Christmas, and disaster-impacted communities.


Visit your local store to support this year’s National GIVIT Days:

Saturday 23 March 2024: Domestic & Family Violence Awareness

Saturday 22 June 2024: Helping the homeless this Winter

Saturday 14 September 2024: Mental Health & Well-being

Saturday 30 November 2024: Helping families in need at Christmas


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