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Transforming a once bare office with quality preloved furniture

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Fearless Women in the ACT is a dedicated outreach and support service for girls and young women. The organisation works to provide free counselling, mentoring, and education programs to foster a sense of belonging and encourage healthy skills amongst the next generation. 

GIVIT works with Fearless Women to supply essential items that support the people they work with. Currently, there are more than 6,000 requests listed on the GIVIT website to aid young girls facing hardship across Australia (as at 05 March, 2024).

GIVIT and Fearless Women’s Canberra office partnership

Fearless Women CEO, Glenda Stevens standing at her donated desk

In early 2023, Fearless Women approached GIVIT’s Canberra Engagement Officer Jodi with exciting news. After four years of carrying out their support services virtually, their organisation was on the verge of moving into their very first office.

Facing financial constraints, Fearless Women turned to GIVIT to source free office furniture, enabling them to allocate their precious funds and resources towards the women and girls they support. Fearless Women were incredibly excited to get set up in the physical space as they knew that it would profoundly improve their program accessibility delivery for disadvantaged young women.

$15,000 worth of furniture supplied through GIVIT's online warehouse

Recognising GIVIT as a sustainable alternative, Fearless Women requested GIVIT's assistance in furnishing their new office with high-quality preloved goods. Among the many treasures listed on GIVIT's online warehouse were almost brand-new furniture items donated from two offices that were closing down.

Fearless Women's CEO, Glenda Stevens, engaged directly with the donor, arranging for over $15,000 worth of furniture to be delivered straight to their office.

GIVIT EO with Fearless Women worker

These donated items were:

- 4 storage cupboards

- Several under desk drawers sets

- 6 small book shelves

- A black leather couch

- A large glass dining table and 6 chairs, plus a matching sideboard

- 4 sets of storage/bookshelf cubes

- 2 small glass round tables

- A white coffee table

- 2 desks

- 3 plastic chairs


“Our experience with GIVIT was actually really straightforward. It was much simpler than I had anticipated. The generosity of people has been amazing... The furniture was in impeccable condition, enabling us to create a professional and inviting space which is crucial for building trust and providing a sense of security to the women we support.”

- Glenda Stevens, CEO of Fearless Women.

I was delighted to attend Fearless Women's office launch event and see all the items GIVIT had provided via our online warehouse. The items were as new, modern and of brilliant quality. All items were destined for landfill if GIVIT hadn’t found their new home!


Each year Australia generates 30,000 tonnes of commercial furniture waste, with 95% of this ending up in landfill.

GIVIT works with charities to support a circular economy, receiving tonnes of furniture items annually. Items donated to organisations such as GIVIT benefits both the families in need who are receiving the items and those seeking to sustainably rehome these items.

Image source above: Australian Gov | Designing out waste for commercial furniture and furnishings 

Sustainability is really important to us. If we can reuse something, it's better than purchasing new. Receiving quality, functional, and attractive furniture through GIVIT has been a game-changer for us.



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