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Tools for Grandparents Treasure Chest in Bega Valley

Bega Valley, NSW


Residents in the bushfire-ravaged Bega Valley need your new, used and unwanted tools!

The organisations are converting a shipping container into a hub for bringing together Bega Valley residents as they continue to rebuild and recover from the devastating Black Summer bushfires.

Dubbed the "Grandparents Treasure Chest," the facility needs a range of tools including garden tools, fencing tools, mechanical tools, manual building tools and electrical tools. 

Most tools will be given directly to people impacted by the fires. Some tools (e.g. a concrete mixer) will become part of a tool library open to locals.

Donate tools to help bushfire victims in New South Wales

What's needed

There are heaps of items needed. This includes:

  • Belt sander;
  • Orbital sander;
  • Hand sander for plastering;
  • Tiling kit (including manual tile cutter, tile across spacers, trowel, tile sponge, tile pliers);
  • Circular saw;
  • Commercial-grade cordless drill
  • Manual home building tools (including hammers, screwdrivers, measuring tapes, levels, saws, chisels, ladders and safety gear such as masks, earplugs and gloves):
  • Manual garden tools (such as rakes, shovels, spades, saws, secateurs, shears and loppers);
  • Mechanic tool kit / toolbox with spanners, wrench, ratchet, socket and bit set.

Browse the full list of what's needed

Items requested for this project are part of the NSW Bushfires Appeal.

Donate money

100% of the money received by GIVIT for this project will be used to buy tools for the Gradndparents Treasure Chest in Bega. To donate, simply click the link, then write 'Tools for Grandparents Treasure Chest in Bega Valley' in the comments section.


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