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Log Splitter

Person with a disability trying to start his own microbusiness (after trying every other avenue)

This person has has a background as a tree arborist - a job which he loved and was extremely passionate about until his accident 9 years ago.
He was left in a chair, without his career and facing how to learn to do the simplest life tasks all over again without the use of his legs and other complications.

In his own words....
I was emotionally & financially devastated. I now want to be self sufficient again. I hope to be able to start my own business and prove to others in wheelchairs that they are "more than just their disability" & with a little will power and support can get back into the workforce.
To take the first steps to build my business, I need to purchase a logsplitter and some safety equipment.
I aim to offer a specialised service - splitting logs & cutting firewood from my chair on people's rural properties around where I live. There is interest from potential customers & passion from me... Just missing $3,500 to get started. I've tried many avenues already..


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Logan Village QLD 4207

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