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Domestic & Family Violence

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Grocery voucher - $50

client, is currently experiencing significant financial and emotional hardship

I am applying on behalf of my client, who is currently experiencing significant financial and emotional hardship while living in a rental home with her husband.

Despite not being employed, my client is responsible for paying all the bills and covering the children's needs. Her husband frequently accesses her funds for his own use, leaving her without sufficient money to manage the household and care for their children.

This situation has caused my client immense stress, as she is struggling to provide for her children without the necessary support from her husband. The financial strain and lack of assistance are severely impacting her well-being and ability to care for her family.


Dandenong VIC 3175

Grocery voucher - $50

any available support or resources that can assist my client in this difficult time. Your help would be invaluable in alleviating some of the pressures she is facing

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Domestic & Family Violence


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