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Domestic and Family Violence

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Table and Chairs

This ladies home was broken into and all her belongs were stolen or thrown on the street.

This lady was hunched over when she walked near the van today and didn't appear to want to interact until we said hello.

When asked how she was she said she was terrible. Her unit had been broken into & her belongings thrown out on the street damaged or stolen.

Later in the conversation she indicated it was DV related. When asked what she needed she said all she had left was a double mattress & a microwave. Her new phone had been stolen so we provided her with another one so she can get in touch with her kids.

When asked if she'd applied for a crisis payment she said she'd had two already this year so wasn't confident she'd get another but would try again just in case. When informed about the nearby charities that provide food & clothing assistance she said she couldn't get there because she gets too anxious on public transport. We were able to give her some jumpers & toiletries.


Browns Plains QLD 4118

Table and Chairs

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Domestic and Family Violence


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