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Domestic and Family Violence

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Fuel voucher - $100

Mother and four children staying in a Shed as lost two lots of rental housing in February and again in May floods.

This person has four children aged 12, 10, 7 and 2, and was not only affected by both floods but is also in a DV situation. The five of them had to move out of their rental accommodation due to the February floods, and then move out of the second rental accommodation when it was flooded in May, Since then they have been staying in a cold shed with bare concrete floor. To maintain some type of normality, the children are still going to the same school, so she has to drive over 110k a day to take the children to school/sport. Already financially/emotionally struggling, the added burden of fuel costs (and other living costs) are a huge burden, especially as she is trying to keep as much funds aside as possible to enable them to get back into a house. She is only asking for the basic things she needs - some mats to cover the concrete floor and some fuel and food vouchers. This would be a huge help to her so that she can try to be move forward.


Laidley QLD 4341


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