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Grocery voucher - $200

Little family pouring everything to lifesaving care of their baby

A small baby in regional Queensland was born premature, only to find that a significant tumour hard wrapped itself around his stomach, bladder, kidney and the top of his left leg.... limiting blood flow to the leg and stunting growth and limiting function. The tumour has formed many tentacles and attached to many facets of tissue.
Mum and Bub have been flown to the closest major city for specialist care and surgery; 600 kms away.
Dad was away for work interstate and has no contact, instead he calls when he is in town and has access to internet and phone services.
So the mother is caring for her child on her own currently, enduring the birth without any support and limited funds and/or personal belongings.


Gladstone Central QLD 4680

Grocery voucher - $200

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