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Kimberley Flooding

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Various Garden Items

Remote Aboriginal Community experiencing many challenges, trying to focus on the small things to improve wellbeing.

There is already many challenges relating to living in small, remote communities - costs of living, limited access to services and the list goes on. This family of recipients went through the pandemic, flooding last year and then multiple losses in their family. It's evident how challenging this has been, but the family and community stick together and are trying to focus on the smaller things in life to improve their wellbeing. They are requesting a set of items to make seemingly small changes, but big impacts in reality. These items will help them to implement strategies to improve their wellbeing through art, gardening, connecting with each other and having fun, as well as commemorating loved ones through the grieving process.


Fitzroy Crossing WA 6765

Various Garden Items

Seeking Bunnings voucher ($50-$100) please, to purchase various gardening items - pots, seedlings, plants...

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Kimberley Flooding


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