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Domestic & Family Violence

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Fuel voucher - $100

Elderly grandmother has taken into care 2 teen girls that have been abused physically, sexually, mentally and are not coping

2 young teenage were taken from their family home and community due to physically, sexually and mental abused from friend/family member that has a drug addiction. The 2 young girls have been given full time care to their elderly grandmother.

Both girls are finding it hard to cope with no contact from friends and family in their community. The girls have fallen behind in the education due to non attendance - Both girls are doing counselling but have a long way to go - the girls would benefit from a laptop each so they can keep in contact with family/friends, save family photos and assist with their school to catch on their school work. The girls had only a bag of personal items and need assistance with clothing, shoes, personal grooming products. The grandmother is use to being on her own and needs assistance with food and fuel as Grandmother has not started receiving payments for the girls. The grandmother is wanting to support girls as much as she can but has little money.


Parramatta Park QLD 4870

Fuel voucher - $100

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Domestic & Family Violence


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